• Optimal desktop arrangement

  • I think I have a new favorite whisky.

  • “Putting the ‘protest’ back in ‘protestant’” is a pretty good slogan for the progressive Church. religionnews.com/2019/08/0…

  • Taking @macgenie’s advice: best way to relax after a tough day is to watch some Janeway kicking butt!

  • Boom! 12 hours later, the circle is complete. Total walking time: 9 hours, 15 minutes. Total time: 11 hours, 54 minutes

  • Big Finn Hill Park. 23.6 miles. #520bridgeloophike

  • 21 miles. Time for food. Legs beginning to complain. #520bridgeloophike

  • Juanita Bay Park #520bridgeloophike

  • 17.7 miles. I have earned a beer! #520bridgeloophike

  • View of Seattle from Kirkland Corridor #520bridgeloophike

  • Weatherhill Nature Preserve. #520bridgeloophike

  • Next stop: Chainline Brewing at about 2 pm #520bridgeloophike

  • Today I learned that aircraft can go under the Montlake bridge. #520bridgeloophike

  • The 520 trail begins. This is approximately a 2500 smoot bridge. #520bridgeloophike

  • Burke-Gilman Park looks like Teletubbie Land #520bridgeloophike

  • I’m thinking Jak’s Grill for breakfast in about half an hour. #520bridgeloophike

  • Matthews Beach Park #520bridgeloophike

  • Mile 0? #520bridgeloophike

  • Boom! #520bridgeloophike

  • I’m thinking of a 520 “bridge loop” hike tomorrow, starting at Log Boom Park, counterclockwise. If anyone want to join me for a bit, or meet me for a pancakes/coffee/burgers/beers on the way, I’ll enjoy the company.

  • Yesterday I did a talk at our local Xcoders meetup (https://www.meetup.com/xcoders) in Redmond, covering the basics of the Swift programming language. It was a lot of fun to do, and a number of people said they got good stuff out of it, so I’m very happy about the reception.

    As a demo project, I wrote a very simple app that presents a survey – in this case, asking three questions:

    Do you think swift is a 1) Bird 2) Bank Transfer system 3) Musician named Taylor or 4) programming language
    What's your rating of Swift (0- 7 scale)
    What's your name?

    And, having done the survey, it dumps the results to the console. Or, the app can fill in the survey randomly. Or, the app can fill the survey randomly 100 times and then does some ‘data processing’ on the results.

    Even with such a simple app, I was able to present good examples of so many concepts in Swift, like

    let vs. var tuples structs functions and parameter labels Arrays Optionals enums loops Ranges Extensions Closures filter / map / reduce nil coalescing

    I put the keynote file for the presentation and the sample Xcode project up on github at github.com/olofhellm…

    I want to thank everyone who came out to the talk, especially a few newcomers to Xcoders. I hope to see you next time!

  • This Thursday, I’ll be speaking on “Swift Basics” at the Xcoders meeting in Redmond. let and var, structs and classes, enums and optionals, filter map reduce and more, with my personal spin on what I like about these features in swift. There will be lots of code, but mostly one line at a time. I’m going for a “garden tour” kind of feeling – we’ll stop and smell a lot of flowers. If you’ve never been to an Xcoders, this week would be a good one to start. Sign up here: www.meetup.com/xcoders/e…

  • Today I realized: “Harry’s” is an apt name for a company that sells hair-shaving products.

  • Today I learned: the “mut” in ”mutex” derives from “mutual” and not “mutable”. To me, “mutual” would imply there are two and only two competitors for a locked state, which is not how a mutex is used in programming. An ongoing pattern: my understanding of programming is hindered by my desire that words should have meaning.

  • When did people start using the word “transparent” to mean “easy to see”?

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